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Two door refrigerator

European Luxury

●Imported compressor Running with energy efficient
●Internal and external with stainless steel 201
●The lower R fillet is integrally shaped to be waterproof and easy to clean
●Automatic defrost cooling system. Drainage is not required for safe use.
●Spring hinged automatic return door, stainless steel bending door handle, integrated wallboard
●Stainless steel double insulated glass door of display cabinet, spring hinge automatic return door, built-in LED light
●The box body is thickened with 6cm foam layer, the flat cooling table and the box body are integrally foamed, and the height is 70cm. The unit and the box body are foamed integrally. When the refrigerator invisible door lock and fan switch are opened, the fan stops to prevent the leakage of cold air
●Imported electronic temperature control
●Advanced air duct system, fast cooling, uniform temperature difference



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